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During 2012 we have been very busy raising funds to support the horses already in our care also enabling us to reduce our waiting list.(now standing at 234 horses). We will never be able to help all these horses as we do not have the  facilities but saving some of these horses and seeing them enjoying retirement makes it all worthwhile.

We need your help to continue to help future horses in need of love, care and attention when their career comes to an end or if they are injured and cannot work and their owners just cast them aside in order to get a younger fitter horse.  Why should they die? Horses come to us from all walks of life. We never put a horse to sleep unless the Vet says there is no quality of life.  Our Vet knows all our residents very well and caters for all their medical needs. Many charities admit horses which can be re-educated and loaned out on adoption but do not cater for the old, we allow these such horses, always large horses which nobody wants to retire and enjoy life. We now have a horse on our waiting list which is 19.2hh. Frank a resident here is 17.2hh which is our largest so far.

As you probably know we  are financed only by a charity shop and donations. We are in the process of opening a second shop in Saxmundham as we are in desperate need of funds to continue this work. All the staff in the existing shop and the new shop are volunteers so every penny raised (excluding utility bills) goes to the horses.

Veterinary costs have been extremely high this year. The wet weather has meant that we have had to feed hay all year round which has been a considerable drain on us. Our rug supply has become somewhat tired and after being cleaned and re-proofed some are no longer warm enough or waterproof so money has had to be spent on rugs. We still require additional rugs.

We sadly lost Mr. Bean, Cubster and Money this year. All are missed very much. Mr. Bean had suffered with his front legs for sometime due to arthritis, with one of his knee joints being extended to the side meaning he could not walk evenly, he had a built up shoe one side to compensate for this he had cushions fitted in his front shoes but eventually the knee became so weak our Vet, Ben Ryder Davies said the leg could give away at any time and Mr.Bean was now losing weight possibly by the pain.  He was a big horse approximately 17hh and if he fell would suffer or maybe injure somebody or another horse that may be close to him at the time as he had a lot of friends. The decision was made by the Vet that he should be put to sleep as quality of life was no longer there for him.

Cubster & Money also sadly died both very suddenly during the Summer. Cubster was a wonderful horse and we miss him shuffling around.He had a desire for chocolate, when his previous owner came to visit he was always spoiled with treats.  Money known as Money Box was such a character he could never be replaced.He had many years with us, the latter years with very few teeth, he had a soft diet, carrots grated, lots of chaff  and did very well. He regularly unbolted his door and went for a walk around the yard on his own. He had bute(pain killer)occasionally for several years but did not like it only in a honey sandwich.

We are at the present time appealing for help to rescue a horse called Surprise

Surprise needs to retire

Surprise Needs Your Help

 We would like to give her the retirement she deserves. The number of residents as we call them places are full according to what we can afford so we are doing a special appeal to help  Surprise.  She is being cared for temporarily at the moment until we see if we can raise enough money to help her

How you can help all of our horses:

Collect used postage stamps and either post them to us or deliver to one of the shops.

Donate any unwanted mobile phones.

Donate unused ink cartridges for recycling.

Donate clothing, shoes, bric-a-brac for the shops.

Take a collecting box and save any coins you can for the horses.

Sponsor a horse:

If you can sponsor a horse by making a monthly payment by Standing Order of £10 or whatever you wish this helps so much. For every 30 sponsors of £10 a month we can help another horse.  This money is regular so we can count on it for continued support in taking in another horse.Contact us for a sponsor form if you feel you can sponsor a horse.

Thank you to the sponsors we already have.  Several lives would not have been saved without you.

Please note we do not post out newsletters very often, but you can catch up on the website. We would rather spend the money on the horses rather than on postage. You can register your email with us for more regular newsletters. (Subscribe to our Email Newsletters Here). If you sponsor a horse or just wish to visit, please contact us and make an appointment.

In 2012 we have made a big effort to get with the times online. We added a blog to our website and have started to use Facebook and Twitter to engage with our fans and sponsors. We now have an email newsletter as highlighted above and our New Years resolution for 2012 is to develop a more interactive and engaging experience in order to keep everyone up to date with the latest developments at Heartbeat Home for Retired Horses. Look out for our two competitions coming up in the next few days.


Colin & Diane Cooper




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