Heartbeat Horses Enjoyed Being Center Of Attention – Having their photos taken today

Today all the horses had their photos taken including new arrivals Moss and Surprise. It was not a surprise to us that Frank was a natural poser and was quite happy to show his best side to the camera. Surprise one of our most senior residents, was very laid back and got the hang of things quickly. Harry was very naughty and wanted to be in every photo and block the other horses from having their photos taken. The two grey’s Bonella and Crackerjack were constant companions and appeared to want to be only photographed together and the same was the case for the two best friends Icy and Rosie. Look out for all these photos on our new website, which will be launched in mid June. Lookout for news regarding our summer ball and to see if you can become ‘The voice’ of Heartbeat. More information to follow. What a gorgeous day!

Harry flat out and better behaved than earlier in the day and Guesti resting too!

Guesti and Harry





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