About Heartbeat

Horses must be allowed to retire!

Newspaper-reading retired horse. Cartoon Copyright Chris Riddell, with whose kind permission we reproduce it here.Hello, I'm BertieDo you agree?

Many hundreds of horses every year face an uncertain future when their careers come to an end. They come from all walks of equine life; ex-racehorses, riding horses, or ponies just being discarded when their “useful” life is over.

Our Aim

The Heartbeat Home for Horses Limited is a registered charity, whose aim is to care for horses who otherwise would face a very uncertain future. Our aim is to provide a lifeline for these needy, homeless animals, allowing them to relax in comfortable surroundings in retirement, with lots of tender loving care.

  • Heartbeat horses are often large, 16hh+ – it can be difficult to find a retirement home for them
  • Heartbeat Horses are NOT re-educated, or re-homed, or adopted
  • Heartbeat Horses retire to enjoy a good quality of life
  • Heartbeat will not put a healthy horse to sleep
  • We need to expand, due to the long waiting list of horses waiting to retire, or worse
  • We have CCTV in the stables, to monitor horses who are unwell

Not a single Heartbeat guest would be alive today, if they had not been able to retire to the Heartbeat Home for Horses.

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