Surprise Now Enjoying Her Retirement At 30 Years

Surprise was collected by our driver in December and it was a somewhat harrowing exercise for her.  She traveled o.k. on the motorways but when on the country lanes she found this hard to keep her feet, Rod the driver took his time and wedged her tight in his lorry, he was able to watch her on his cctv. The journey which should have taken approx 5 hours took him 8 hours.

On arrival she was tired and hungry, eating first and then went to sleep in a lovely deep straw bed. Her snoring could be heard across the drive to the hay barn. Surprise has to live in the barn as we are so full, but this is no problem to her as she has a large space to walk around in.  She has been donated a new rug  by a  great supporter of Heartbeat.  A very special lady has also made a donation to her and is now known as her step mum. Thank You!!!!

Surprise has been seen by the Vet for her sore eyes, which she has medication for and her feathermites which although being treated are annoying to her.

Surprise is one of the kindest loving horses we have here, all are special but she seems to appreciate all being done for her.  She has made friends with Bobby when she goes out in a small paddock. When we use our summer grazing hopefully next month she will be introduced to some other horses. Bobby does not go out on the lush grass as he has to watch his weight suffering from laminitis, but Surprise can eat and enjoy retirement now just being spoilt.

Surprise Retires To Heartbeat  Home For Horses Age 30

Surprise after an eventful journey to her new home!

Surprise being introduced to the Paddocks at Heartbeat Home For Horses

Surprise settling In at her new home

Surprise with a nice fringe looking settled in her new home.

Surprise with a nice fringe looking settled pretty quickly in her new home.

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