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Retired Horses - Registered Charity No.1106722

Online Donations - Paypal or Debit Card

Donate £5.00  (ONE OFF PAYMENT)

Wil buy 1 bale of hay which would feed 1 horse 1 day in the winter months.
Donate £10.00 (MONTHLY) For every 30 people who donate a regular sum of £10 we can keep a horse
in permanent retirement with us. 
Donate £25.00 (MONTHLY) For every 12 people who donate we can take a horse off our waiting list and
give  a life. Regular donations are the only way we can take or save new horses.

Any Amount - (ONE OFF PAYMENT)

Goes into caring for the horses, keeping them, vet bills, rescuing horses
from slaughter. EVERY POUND COUNTS to give horses whether aged or injured a life.

Postal Donations

Download and print our postal donation form.

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